Feminism did not invent an irrational fear that all men are violent; the high number of men who are violent rapists and commit violence against women are responsible for fostering this very realistic fear. This is called a class analysis.


And why haven’t men organised to wear feminine clothing? Could it be because feminine clothing is made to be restrictive, objectifying and aesthetically pleasing without practicality ? Women have fought to wear men’s clothing because men’s clothing is suitable for human beings. Women’s clothing is suitable for subordinate objects. That is, after all, the purpose of ‘gendered’ clothing - to differentiate between the sexes by designating women as objects (whose purpose is to please men visually) without the interests or abilities to necessitate practical clothing.


Men don’t get to decide what is misogynistic

Straight people don’t get to decide what is homophobic

Cis people don’t get to decide what is transphobic

White people don’t get to decide what is racist

People in positions of power don’t get to decide what is considered oppression

That’s how we move backwards, not forwards


Virgin shaming and slut shaming piss me off in equal amounts. There’s nothing magical or special about being a virgin, and same goes with having sex. You know what’s magical? Shutting the fuck up about people’s personal choices.